London Nights | New Years at the Natural History Museum

Following on from the excitement of New Years (and the less exciting prospect of New Years resolutions), I thought I’d write a bit about my new years eve at the Natural History Museum!

Attending one of London’s Museum Lates has been on my wish list for a long time, so when my friend suggested we go to the Natural History Museum for New Years, I jumped at the chance to get tickets.

The Natural History Museum is quite possibly one of my favourite places to visit in London. It’s based in South Kensington, situated right next to the Science Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum, and as it’s a simple bus ride from where I live I often find myself milling around the area when I have free time of a weekend.

The event itself wasn’t just your average night out at a bar, nor was it your average day out at a museum. The downstairs exhibits were open for viewing, and there were opportunities for getting face paint done, a silent disco, along with a bar and a band playing in the main hall.

The doors were open at 8pm, but my friends and I decided to have a few drinks at ours before arriving just before 9pm. When we entered there was the usual ticket check and bag search, and we were each handed a small map detailing where everything is. With our tickets we were also entitled to one free drink and (to add to our excitement) the cloak room was also free (goodbye for the night, cosy winter coat!), after all of which we we were met with this eight legged guy making his way around the hall:

As the exhibits were open, there was plenty of room to walk around and dance to the music while also taking in what was on show (and learning a thing or two when my slightly wine-logged brain permitted it).

While we were there, we walked around the dinosaur area, and the wildlife photography exhibit, and also visited the Museum of the Moon where there was a silent disco going on.

As the evening draw closer to the new year countdown, the exhibits weer closed off and everyone made their into the main hall where the band were playing and everyone was taking part in Massaoke (karaoke where everyone yells the words at each other).

Then there was the countdown. I’m not going to lie, I can’t say my memory of it is clear but I do have a video of it! When we reached midnight, there was lots of hugging, whooping and the ceiling rained confetti!

That was my fun New Years experience at the Natural History Museum. If you’re reading this in just under a year’s time and are looking to book tickets for the next one, I will wholeheartedly say it was an amazing night, and you won’t regret it!

How did you celebrate New Years?

All photos in post by me ♥

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