December Goals

This year has gone unbelievably quickly!

It feels like only a weeks ago I was setting my New Years resolutions, and yet here I am planning for the last month of the year…

My goals for November were:

♢ Read 2 books

♢ Attempt NaNoWriMo!

♢ Begin Italian classes

Finally, a month where I get to tick everything off! A small victory!

I was on a bit of a science fiction kick last month, and read The Island of Doctor Moreau and The Invisible Man by H G Wells. I also joined a 5 week long Italian course where I got to practise my conversational skills with other learners alongside actually getting feedback from a native speaker, which was a nice boost having spent 10 years or so of attempting to learn on my own…

I did attempt NaNoWriMo, but as I suspected I didn’t get too far with it: the idea I had still needed some extra thought, and besides not having time this month I just wasn’t prepared enough for it. Maybe next year?

I’ve had a look through my 2019 resolutions and have finally decided what to prioritise for the last month of the year!

December Goals:

♢ Expand on another writing idea

♢ Try a Christmas themed dinner recipe for the family

♢ Have another music session

♢ Organise all the papers in my desk

I’m probably setting the bar a bit high for this one as it’s already going to be a jam-packed month, but why not try?

What are your plans for December?

Photos in blog by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production, & feature image photo by Hoan Vo on Unsplash

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