October Inspiration

Labor gives birth to ideas.

Jim Rohn

I stumbled across this short but sweet quote by entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn while I was looking for some inspiration for this month to help me get back into writing again.

Maybe it’s due to the change of season, or maybe it’s because I’m thinking a lot more about work in my spare time than I used to, but recently it seems as though my brain has run a bit dry when it I try turning it to my creative interests.

This quote tells me that unless I work at it, I’m not going to be struck by sudden inspiration; I can’t expect ideas to just hit me unless I give them the time and consideration that they need. How can I expect ideas to grow if I don’t work to sow the seeds in the first place?

What’s inspiring you this month?

Feature image photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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