2019 Goals | 9 Months Later

Goodbye September! We’re now nine months into 2019, with only three months left until the end of the year… Where is the time going?

Again, it’s time to take a look at the year so far and see where I am with the goals I set myself for 2019:

♢ Finish my next writing project
I’ve written most of it but I still wouldn’t call it a draft, as there’s a lot I think can be done with the plot still.

♢ Write 52 blog posts
I’ve averaged more than one post a week ♥

♢ Be able to sing and play guitar at the same time
This has been hard to track but I think I’ve been improving. I play a lot by myself and have been meeting up with some friends and practising with them every month.

♢ Save up at least £7000 over the year

♢ Read at least 12 books
I’ve read 7 books this year, which is an annoyingly pitiful amount!

♢ Learn another programming language or framework and update my portfolio
I built a React app earlier this year, but I’d like to try hosting it and adding it to my portfolio – so this is half done!

♢ To keep my room free of clutter
I’ve cleared out my old bedroom at my parents’ house, and in my London flat I’ve completely emptied my ottoman and wardrobe and taken a load of things to charity. I still have a couple of boxes to sort through (things I’m not sure whether to get rid of or not).

♢ Travel to 4 places I’ve not been to before

♢ Cook more & try more recipes
This one has kind of stalled… I’ve not tried any new recipes at all, but I did get a new recipe book for my birthday that I want to try out soon!

♢ Improve my Italian speaking and writing skills
I was learning a lot on HelloTalk, but I seem to have let this one slide too.

So, 2 of these goals have been crossed off, and it seems like a few others I’ m on track to complete, but there are still a few more that I need to jump on again.

So my priorities for the next 3 months should be:

♢ Have a full draft of current WIP

♢ Writing English and Italian on HelloTalk

♢ To read at least 5 books

With a hope to getting the following done:

♢ Try out 3 new recipes in my cooking book

♢ Have one more decluttering day

♢ Update my portfolio by hosting another app

♢ Post on my blog weekly

♢ Practice playing guitar and singing with my friends again

♢ Save at least an extra £1200

♢ Attempt NaNoWriMo

Photos in blog by EssentialivingAlexa WilliamsNATHAN MULLET on Unsplash, & feature image photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash

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