September Inspiration

Ten years from now you’ll laugh at whatever‘s stressing you out today. So why not laugh now?

Tony Robbins

A few weeks ago, I as at a point in work where I was really stressed. It was showing up in all aspects of my life: spotty skin, tired-looking eyes, a whale-like bloat, my ability to concentrate, and even my day-to-day interactions that made me act even more awkward than I usually am.

The cause of my stress was completely self-induced, in that I was doing a lot of needless worrying: I’d been given a large chunk of research to do that I believed was taking me a lot more time than it should have in order to get it done.

I was worrying about so many things. Am I understanding what I’m reading? Am I looking in the right places for this information? How far do I have to go? What decisions will I need to make? How do I present this information back in a clear and concise manner? Will I be able to answer all the questions thrown my way?

I’ve realised now I’m nearing the end of it that I needn’t have worried at all. After bringing it up with my boss, I found that my time management wasn’t even a concern for him: he could see that I was reading, working, talking to people, writing notes, experimenting with things, and from his point of view, I was doing all the work that was required of me.

And that brings me to this quote. It reminds you to take a step back, because realistically, how pivotal is the stress of this moment going to be on the rest of your life? I look back only a month later and I laugh, because really? I was letting myself get worked up over that?

I hope it gives you as much comfort as it does for me. Times may be stressful now, but how will you see it in 10 years time?

Happy Friday ♥

Photo in blog by Freshh Connection on Unsplash, & feature image photo by Ms Jemini Photos on Unsplash

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