September Goals

I’ve had another tiny break from the blog, but I’m back to round up the month! These were my goals for August:

♢ Speak in Italian on the HelloTalk app

♢ Have a safe and fun week in Budapest!

♢ Edit my WIP then continue to write with the aim of having a full draft by the end of September

♢ Bake a cake!

♢ Read one of my design books

♢ Go through the box of things leftover from clothes clear out

Let’s start with the negatives! I managed 3 out of 6 of them, which isn’t terrible but still far from a full house. These past few weeks I’ve been stressing myself out over my work a lot: it’s completely self-induced, and comes filed neatly under the “I don’t have enough confidence in my abilities so I tend to put more pressure on myself that I should” section of my life. Due to that, I was coming home from work pretty wrecked so I didn’t have much time to focus on the more personal parts of my life. I think being away for a week distracted me quite a bit too.

On to the positives, of which I feel there are many. I had a lovely trip to Budapest. I started speaking to people on HelloTalk and realised my Italian is a little better than I thought! I met up with a load of friends, and explored some new cafes and bars around London. I had a lot of me-time. The sunny weather had me out and about, reading and listening to music in the sun, and walks through Hyde Park kind of became an almost daily habit. I had a facial peel and it’s brightened up my skin a lot. I also painted a little watercolour art piece!

So while I didn’t manage all of my goals over August, I feel like there are a lot more positives to have come out of this month than negatives, so I’m going to focus on those.

Now on to my September goals:

♢ Aim to have a full draft of my little WIP

♢ Have a safe & fun visit to Edinburgh

♢ Read 3 books

♢ Continue speaking to people on HelloTalk in Italian & English

♢ Enjoy my birthday!

Hopefully a better curated list than last month’s!

What are your plans this September?

Photos in blog by Content PixieRenáta-Adrienn on Unsplash, & feature image photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

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