August Inspiration

If you aim for nothing you’ll hit it every time.

Zig Ziglar

I came across this quote by Zig Ziglar (an American author and motivational speaker) a few months ago, and every now and then I think back on it. It feels even more relevant to me this month as I’ve got so many things on my to do list that I want to get done.

Every month I set myself more tasks than I’m able to cross off, and sometimes I wonder if that’s bad practice: when you’re setting yourself a lot of tasks to do and you’re not achieving them, it can feel like you’re not getting anything done, even if you’ve ticked everything off but one. And that in itself can make you less motivated.

But reading this quote made me realise that having goals is motivation in itself. I’m happy to have a long list of things to cross off, because it makes me feel like I’ve got a purpose, and that every day I’m working towards something. Even if I’m asking more of myself than I can give, I’m waking up every day and asking myself “now what should tackle today?” rather than “…how much more sleep can I get before work?”

So this August, I’m reminding myself that to aim for something is better than nothing, and that if I cross just one thing off my list then I’m one step closer to self-improvement than if I’d not set any goals at all.

What are your thoughts on this quote?

Photo in post and in feature image by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

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