August Goals

Happy August, and almost Friday!

We’ve reached the end of July, which means it’s time to go over the past month and see what’s been achieved.

These were my July goals:

♢ Write 20,000 words during Camp NaNoWriMo

♢ Go through my drawers again and pick out anything I don’t wear anymore for charity

♢ Speak to people on the HelloTalk app to improve my Italian

Not quite a full house!

I think I managed to get a lot done despite only setting three goals this month. I finally prioritised writing and reached 20,067 words in my WIP, and I also went through my drawers and took some more things to charity, and also got back into playing guitar with a few friends.

I didn’t really attempt this until near the end of July, and even then I can’t say I’ve done enough to the point of improvement, so I’m going to add it to my August to do list to make sure I focus on it.

August Goals:

♢ Speak in Italian on the HelloTalk app

♢ Have a safe and fun week in Budapest!

♢ Edit my WIP as it is, then continue writing it until I’m happy with it

♢ Bake a cake!

♢ Read one of my design books

♢ Go through the box of things leftover from clothes clear out

That’s a fair few more goals than last month so I’m not expecting to get through them all, but fingers crossed!

What are your plans for August?

Photo in blog by Gabrielle Henderson, & feature image photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

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