Camp NaNoWriMo | Week One

Target: 4,550 words

Achieved: 4,117 words

I started out the week with the knowledge that my weekend ahead was going to be jam-packed, so my plan was to try and get ahead quickly so that I wasn’t playing catch up the week after.

I wanted to hit the ground running and after smoothing over my plot at the end of June, so I spent a couple of hours on the first day writing after work. I also got chatting to my cabin mates, and where some of us shared our goals and ideas for the month, and wished each other luck.

The rest of the week was fairly productive, although my weekend was too packed to fit any more writing in (I went and celebrated Pride with a few friends on the Saturday, then a friend’s birthday that evening, followed by a trip to my parents’ home and spending the morning with them, then a trip to see my friend before she goes in for surgery tomorrow!

I think overall I’ve been good at cracking things out ahead of time (something I thought I’d struggle with), but obviously I’ve fallen a bit short of my aim for this first week. As a result I’ll be carrying it over into this coming week where I’ll hopefully have a bit more time to squeeze more words in!

I’m pleased I’ve started off the first week well!

Are you writing anything for Camp NaNoWriMo?

Photo in blog by Bookblock on Unsplash, a screenshot of my schedule (by me), & feature image photo by John Mark Arnold on Unsplash

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