May Goals

Another month has gone by, and what a quick month it was!

I’m still getting to grips with my new job, and if I’m being honest, I barely even thought about my goals or blogging, which you can probably tell from my sparse blog posts, and half-finished goals list for April:

♢ Aim for 15,000 words during Camp NaNoWriMo

♢ Do some English to Italian translation exercises to improve my sentence building and general writing skills

♢ Clear out some things in my old bedroom at my parents’ house

♢ Make some nice salads to bring into work for lunch

I barely touched my work in progress, and although I took a brief look at some Italian translation exercises, I didn’t quite make the time to actually do them.

But to recount my month more positively, I did clear out a tonne of things from my old bedroom at my parents’, made a variety of healthy lunches to take into work, and I saved 1.5 times my monthly savings goal too! So while it’s not a lot, I did managed to get some stuff done.

For May, I need to find a different way of fitting in my goals around my life, perhaps by scheduling a few hours a week to take a look at my tasks for the month to refocus myself when I come off the tracks.

May Goals:

♢ Write 6k words for my WIP

♢ Clear out some junk from my ottoman

♢ Focus on my English to Italian translations

♢ Have a safe trip to Spain!

I’m not going to overload myself this month, mainly because I’ll be away for a week in Spain, but also because I have a lot of plans outside of work that will take up a lot of free time – which I’m sure will be both a joy and a bane for the sunnier months to come!

What are your plans for May?

Photo in blog by STIL, and feature image photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

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