May Goals

Another month has gone by, and what a quick month it was!

I’m still getting to grips with my new job, and if I’m being honest, I barely even thought about my goals or blogging, which you can probably tell from my sparse blog posts, and half-finished goals list for April:

♢ Aim for 15,000 words during Camp NaNoWriMo

♢ Do some English to Italian translation exercises to improve my sentence building and general writing skills

♢ Clear out some things in my old bedroom at my parents’ house

♢ Make some nice salads to bring into work for lunch

I barely touched my work in progress, and although I took a brief look at some Italian translation exercises, I didn’t quite make the time to actually do them.

But to recount my month more positively, I did clear out a tonne of things from my old bedroom at my parents’, made a variety of healthy lunches to take into work, and I saved 1.5 times my monthly savings goal too! So while it’s not a lot, I did managed to get some stuff done.

For May, I need to find a different way of fitting in my goals around my life, perhaps by scheduling a few hours a week to take a look at my tasks for the month to refocus myself when I come off the tracks.

May Goals:

♢ Write 6k words for my WIP

♢ Clear out some junk from my ottoman

♢ Focus on my English to Italian translations

♢ Have a safe trip to Spain!

I’m not going to overload myself this month, mainly because I’ll be away for a week in Spain, but also because I have a lot of plans outside of work that will take up a lot of free time – which I’m sure will be both a joy and a bane for the sunnier months to come!

What are your plans for May?

Photo in blog by STIL, and feature image photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

One thought on “May Goals

  1. I haven’t set myself any goals this month, nor have I done it any month prior. I think I will try this approach this month and see how it works out for me; especially as I do like organisation and planning ahead. I guess the goals don’t all necessarily have to be big achievements, right? – I don’t want to feel pressured to cross everything off the list. When you started setting goals, what sort of things did you include? (Hope you don’t mind me asking) x


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