April Moodboard

April is when Spring really starts to take hold.

The muted tones of Winter grow into the soft colours of Spring, and around us we start to see fragile pinks and lilacs forming, and the morning sky turning a delicate blue.

To me, April is another month for new beginnings: the spring cleaning sessions being to take place, the chirping of newly hatched birds seeps in through our windows, and the buds of flowers begin to show their colours.

And that’s what my April moodboard is trying to reflect, the feeling of newness. In my home, it means brand new notebooks resting on freshly made beds, clean and organised spaces. And outside, it’s the start of the warmer months, where you get to walk to work without a heavy coat, where you can start to share fruity cocktails before sunset, and taking more walks in the park of a Saturday morning to admire the pale florals.

What does April mean to you?

Photos in moodboard by Florin-Alin Beudean, Sharon McCutcheon, Anna Jiménez Calaf, Lizzie, Prudence Earl, Clifford Yeo, Helen Thomas, Kari Shea on Unsplash

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