March Goals

Hello, March!

February ended up being a great month. Last week I was away in Ireland with my boyfriend and his family in Dublin, and we spent a few days in Athlone for a little holiday together.

It was so much fun and so great to get the time to relax and spend time with his family; the only drawback was I had a bit less time to work on finishing my goals for the month. But not to worry! I still managed to cross off a few:

♢ Start writing planned story

♢ Read a bit about graphic and web design principles

♢ Read a book from my bookshelf

♢ Host my video streaming React app to add to my portfolio

♢ Try a new recipe from my recipe book

♢ Visit Athlone in Ireland & book a trip to Spain in May

♢ Try making my own shampoo with this recipe

I didn’t do too terribly. When I look at the tasks I didn’t cross off, I think about my inspirational quote for February, about aiming for improvement, not perfection. I’m happy I achieved what I did: even though not all my ‘to dos’ were crossed out, I managed to cross off over half of them.

As I’m starting a new job this March, I’ll be spending a lot of time focusing on that and will probably need a bit of rest outside of work to let everything I’m learning sink in properly! So my March goals list will be a little shorter.

March Goals:

♢ Start my new job on the 5th!

♢ Visit York

♢ Try out a new vegetarian recipe

♢ Spend some time writing when I can

♢ Listen to part 1 of my Italian CD to improve my Italian listening skills

Hopefully I’ll manage to get through all of these alongside learning for my new job. I’m excited for the month ahead: I’ll be at a different office, working with different technology, travelling a different commute. I’ll miss my colleagues where I am, but I’m confident I’ll enjoy working with my new colleagues just as much!

What are your goals for March?

Feature image photo by Iryna Ogarkova on Unsplash

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