Inspiration for February

After a lovely start to the year, I’m feeling a little more positive about the months ahead regarding what I hope to get done.

As I’ve set myself quite a few more tasks this month than the last, I thought I’d find a quote to remind myself not to be disappointed if I don’t manage to complete them all!

The pursuit of perfection often impedes improvement.

George Will

When we set ourselves goals, despite our best intentions we can sometimes fall short of reaching them: this can be for many reasons, like not having enough time, setting too many goals or just aiming a little too high.

This quote reminds us that even if we don’t tick them all off, to make progress towards these goals is improvement in itself. It reminds us that not reaching a goal doesn’t necessarily mean failure.

So this month let’s not aim for perfection, but aim for our best: by all means, aim high, but don’t let yourself get distracted by perfection. In this way, we won’t get so bogged down if we fall behind every now and then.

With a new job lined up next month, this quote resonates with me a little more than I thought it would: it reminds me to ask questions when I don’t understand something, to not feel inadequate just because I’ve got something 100% right. My goal shouldn’t be start off as the perfect programmer, but to learn as much as I can when I’m there to help me get there.

What do you take from this quote?

Feature image photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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