December Monthly Goal Review

As it’s the last month of 2018, I thought I’d do a review of my goals for December before I take a look at 2018 as whole!

I kept it short and sweet last month, as I knew it would be pretty hectic in the lead up to Christmas and New Years:

♢ Read Fairyland by Paul McAuley

♢ Finish my writing project to a standard that I’m happy with

♢ Get all my Christmas shopping done in time for Christmas

♢ Continue with my React project

♢ Do a final clear out before Christmas

♢ Finish all the modules in the Italian Duolingo

♢ Blog weekly

Overall, I think I did a good job at working on my goals this month! I didn’t get to finish reading Fairyland by Paul McAuley, but it’s been an interesting read so far. Perhaps I’ll finish it over the next couple of days, but who knows? We still have a few days until the new year starts!

What did you get up to this December?

Feature image photo by STIL on Unsplash

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