January Moodboard

January Moodboard

Everything seems so slow in January. Probably because it’s just such a long month after Christmas.

When we reach January, we’re in the depths of Winter, meaning lots of grey, foggy mornings ahead.

A lot of things come to mind when I think of January. Walking to work in the dark mornings when the sun hasn’t risen yet; watching the sky light up into muted blues from our buses in the mornings; the tops of umbrellas jostling together on the pavements as they make their own way into work; the view of the Shard from my office desk, and the city skyline resting underneath a flurry of clouds deciding whether or not they want to rain on us.

I always think of January in this way, in muted colours and slow city scenes behind rain dotted windows, so the images in this moodboard really hit the nail on the head for me.

What does January mean for you?

Photos in moodboard taken by: Jamie StreetWenniel LunAnjana MenonClem Onojeghuowhereslugofreestocks.orgfreestocks.orgAnnie Spratt

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