August Goals

Hello and happy first of August!

We’ve reached an end to what has hopefully been a productive month for everyone. I certainly feel as though it has been, despite having certain days where I just wasn’t feeling it.

I’m changing up the way I do my goals posts now, as I feel they clutter up my page a little bit; instead of doing one post reviewing the previous month and another setting goals for the next, I’m just going to squeeze them both in together, and try not be so wordy when I review them!

I did well with my July goals:

 Camp NaNoWriMo: aim for 15k words
 1 Duolingo Italian module
 Clean out the smaller box in my wardrobe
Finish writing PHP application
♦ Finish Little, Big by John Crowley
 Blog fortnightly
 Just keep playing guitar at least every other day
 Do a review of my progress with my 2018 goals at the end of the month

I managed to finish off 7 out of 8 of them, which is more than I thought I would!

Having just done my 2018 Goal review, I’ve made a few amendments to my goals this year that I’m going to keep in mind when planning fo this month:

August Goals:

Write an app in ReactJS
Declutter my make up and other toiletries by gathering them all and using them all up, and throw any that I won’t use
 Put all my jumpers in one place
Try a kickboxing class
WIP1 aim to reach 32k words overall (currently at 20k)
Blog fortnightly
Read Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett
3 Duolingo italian modules
 Start the Guitar Crash Course I found on Udemy
Make my own shampoo with environmentally friendly products

There are a lot more goals than last month, but I’m feeling optimistic!

What are your goals for August?

aloma writes august goals pinterest image.jpg


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