June in Review

Happy last day of June! We’re halfway through 2018 already (how has this year gone so quickly?!), and I’m a couple of days overdue reviewing last month’s goals but here we go!

♦ 35 hours of writing or aim for 6k words
I’ve recorded 24 hours of writing (I’ve not really recorded this very closely, so it might be more than that), and I’ve written 9.5k words.

3 Duolingo italian modules
I did one in the first week of June, then completely pushed it off until Friday! So I can tick this off – but just about…

◈ Go through the boxes in my wardrobe
I did manage to sift through and empty one big box, that mainly had a mixture of things, like shoes and books that I’ve now picked out to go to charity. I didn’t do the other two smaller ones, so I might make emptying those my goal for July!

◈ Write a PHP application
I spent a week or so polishing up my knowledge on PHP, and I feel very familiar with it again. I have started building something with it, but I’ve not finished it so I might push that into my July goals as well.

♦ Polish up my knowledge in computer networking
I did quite a bit of reading up, and revisited a lot of my old notes too. I also came up with a long list of things in computing in general that I’d like to study a bit more in depth, so some of these might appear in August’s goals.

◈ Read Little, Big by John Crowley
I’m well over halfway through now and am still enjoying this book! I’m loving the fascinating world the characters live in, but for some reason (mostly due to time) I haven’t picked it up over the past week or so and just haven’t got round to finishing it.

◈ Name notes on guitar as I play them so I can keep memorising where they are
I think I’m getting there! What’s bad is that sometimes I play and I forget to practise this particular method, but I have done it on occasion and I can see that I’m improving, and also becoming a little better at improvising as I’m more familiar with note patterns on the fretboard too.

♦ Blog fortnightly
I’ve somehow managed to publish a blog post weekly, which I’m really pleased about! Not having a weekly goal has really kept the pressure off and I wonder if perhaps this is why I’ve had more motivation to keep at it? Whatever it is, I’m keeping this as my blogging goal for July too!

♦ Keep attending weekly singing lessons (except for the two weekends I’ll be away!)
I thought I was going to miss two, as I had a weekend in Verona booked and another weekend visiting a friend in Castle Donington, but fortunately I managed to get a train back and get to my lesson on time, so I’ve only missed one lesson so far. Phew!

♦ Have a safe and fun trip in Verona!
I had a wonderful trip to Verona, I wish I could tick this a million times, it was that great! I cannot believe it was only a three weeks ago though, it feels like it happened months ago already as it’s been so busy since then!

A nice 8/10, I’m happy with my June score! I managed to reach both my blogging and writing goals in the same month, which never happens, and crammed in a few things at the end of the month that I didn’t think I’d get done.

It’s so useful setting monthly goals, because revisiting them near the end of the month really gives you that kick up the bum to get them done! That’s mainly how I managed to finish them off this month.

Did you have a fun June? What were your goals for the month?

Aloma Writes | June in Review

Feature image background photo by Darren Nunis on Unsplash

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