Planning June Goals

Since reviewing my May goals last week, I’ve been taking the time to revisit my updated 2018 goals and have put together a longer but hopefully still achievable list of what I hope to get done in June:

35 hours of writing or aim for 6k words
3 Duolingo italian modules
Go through the boxes in my wardrobe
Write a PHP application
 Polish up my knowledge in computer networking
 Read Little, Big by John Crowley
 Name notes as I play them so I can keep memorising where they are
 Blog fortnightly
 Keep attending weekly singing lessons (except for the two weekends I’ll be away!)
 Have a safe and fun trip to Verona!

I’ve found that my blogging and writing goals tend to be the ones I’ve not been reaching as regularly over the past few months, and it’s probably because I’m aiming too high. So I’ve amended my writing goal to be either an hour count goal or a word count goal, so that even if I don’t reach my time goal I won’t be too dejected if I’ve reached my word count goal, and vice versa. (And if I don’t reach either, at least I’m logging both and know what I can do in a month – any progress is good progress!). I’ve reduced my blogging goal from weekly to fortnightly this month as I’ve found having a weekly goal was taking a lot of time out of my other goals.

I’m crossing my fingers that I’ve set achievable tasks for this month. What are your goals for June?


Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Planning June Goals

    1. Thank you, Mekeke, fingers crossed I manage to get them all ticked off! That’s great, I feel like I’m still very much a beginner with my Italian but the Duolingo app has been helping me a lot. How are you learning it?

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