May in Review

Happy June everyone!

This past month has been manically busy, so I found I didn’t have a lot of sit down time to focus a lot on them (unless you count travel time).

◈ 35 hours of writing
I managed 25 hours! I admit, I’m a little annoyed at myself as it feels like I’ve been putting writing on the back burner recently. It might be that I’m setting my goals too high, or just that I’m not prioritising it as much when I have the time to spare. However I’ve still made progress this month with my WIP, after spending a lot of time on character development so I while I can’t tick this off I’m still happy with what I’ve done.
♦ 3 Duolingo Italian modules
I managed to complete 4 modules this month. I’ve also been trying to read some Italian news articles online just to see where I’m at with my comprehension, and I’m surprised at how much I can pick out and understand too.
♦ Continue memorising the notes on guitar strings
I’ve been focusing on this every time I practise. It might be a little slow going, but hopefully it’ll help my playing in the long term, especially when playing scales across the fretboard.
♦ Read American Gods by Neil Gaiman and Mort by Terry Pratchett
I read both of these while commuting all about this month! And I thoroughly enjoyed them. The visual language in American Gods was captivating and really drew me in thanks to its use of norse mythology and the powerful imagery. Mort was also a great read, it’s the first book I’ve read by Terry Pratchett, and I found the premise of the book really fascinating too; how Death is an unknown and therefore something we tend to fear, but the way Its been written (as an ‘anthropomorphic personification’) made Death a likeable character. Thumbs up for both of these!
♦ Keep attending weekly singing lessons
I’ve not missed a session – yet…
♢ Blog weekly
I’ve found it difficult to stay motivated this month. I’m not sure why: it might be due to having less time, and just not being in the right frame of mind perhaps. I do really enjoy writing posts and want to keep it up. I guess this month was just a down month!
♦ Build another Ruby app
I wasn’t expecting to get far with this, but once May started I sat myself down, finished a working Ruby on Rails to do list app, and also managed to get it up and running on Heroku. At the moment, it’s just a to do list that anyone can add to, but I’m hoping to add more functionality at some point to separate tasks for logged in users and therefore make it a bit more useful!

That’s 5.5 of my 7 goals for May, which I’m pleased about! I’m still trying to figure out how best to structure writing and blogging goals, as they seem to be the ones I’m not completing.

I hope you’ve all had a great, productive May! What were your goals for the month?

aloma may in review feature tall

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “May in Review

  1. American Gods has been on my list to buy/read for sooooo long — maybe I’ll pick it up this weekend.

    Thanks for the review!

    I’m new to the community and would love to connect! Check out my blog when you have a moment 🙂

    – Courtney


    1. It was on my list for a while too! I’m glad you liked my little review of it, hopefully you’ll enjoy it too when you get to reading it. I’ve just checked out some of the posts on your blog and added a couple of books to my ‘to read’ list as a result, so thank you! I’m looking forward to your next post 🙂


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