Planning May Goals

Happy first of May, everybody!

We’ve hit month number five of 2018 already, and hopefully the spring weather will arrive with it! Here are some things I’m hoping to get done this month:

♢ 35 hours of writing

♢ 3 Duolingo italian modules

♢ Continue memorising the notes on guitar strings

♢ Read American Gods by Neil Gaiman and Mort by Terry Pratchett

♢ Keep attending weekly singing lessons

♢ Blog weekly

♢ Build another Ruby app

I’ve also added a daily tracker at the bottom of my monthly calendar that I’m planning to fill over May to keep on top of some of them; I’ll be ticking off days that I’ve practised guitar, italian, when I’ve prepared healthy lunches, gone to the gym, avoided sugary snacks and for every hour I’ve spent writing. I hope by the end of the month I’ll have a better idea what areas I tend to lose sight of! And hopefully having a daily list will keep reminding me to do them!

What are your goals for May?

aloma writes planning may goals text overlay

Photo by Bookblock on Unsplash

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