Tech Talk | What is a Server?

SERVER: a type of computer, computer program or device on a network that manages network resources

In some ways, a server is like a heart.

Just as the heart is responsible for pumping blood through the body via arteries and capillaries to all the organs that require it, a server’s purpose is to send data via a connection to computers (clients) that have requested it.

And much like how a heart never stops beating, a server is almost always on, ready to process requests from a client for data and to deliver that data back to the client.

Strictly speaking, the heart is merely the ‘hardware’ that carries out the physical work, when really the sinoatrial node is the instigator, as it starts an electrical impulse that causes the muscles in the heart to contract. Without it, the heart wouldn’t do anything. Similarly, although a server is commonly referred to as a computer, it’s really a piece of software that handles everything (although referring to the device it runs on as a server is completely valid, as most of the time, that will be its only purpose!).

There are many types of servers, but the one you’re likely to be most familiar with is the web server. When you make a request to view a website, your request is being sent to the website’s server, which then processes that request and responds by sending back the relevant data in order for the website to be shown in your browser (if it says you’re allowed to view the site!).

Hopefully this brief post has been helpful!

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Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash


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