Planning my March Goals

February went by so quickly! Even though I started off pretty slowly last month, I managed to get through more than I thought.

♢ WRITING: To reach 35k words in my writing project
♢ BLOG: Try to organise a blogging schedule
♢ EXERCISE: To keep up twice a week gym sessions
♢ DIET: Pack healthy lunches
♢ BEAUTY: Receive my Invisalign retainers and start wearing them!
♢ FINANCES: To save at least £400
♢ CAREER: To build another small app in Ruby
♢ ORGANISATION: Go through my ottoman and declutter
♢ SKILLS: Complete 3 italian Duolingo modules and learn G Pentatonic Major, A Natural Minor and E Blues scale off by heart on the guitar
♢ GOALS: Review my goals for the year and check I’m still on track

Hopefully this month will be off on a more productive start!

2 thoughts on “Planning my March Goals

    1. Thank you! It ended up being fairly productive, although I unfortunately didn’t make much headway with my writing goal 😦 there’s always this month though… Fingers crossed!


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