February 2018 in Review

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As I suspected, I started off February a lot less proactive than I was in January, so by the time it got to Valentine’s day, I still hadn’t made as much progress with this month’s goals as I’d hoped! But I managed to pick things up a bit, so here’s how I’ve reviewed my progress:

Key: ♦ = done ◈ = half done ♢ = did not do….

◈ WRITING: To reach 35k words in my writing project
I’ve been really bad with this, and there was a solid 10 day period where I didn’t do any writing at all, mainly due to being busy, being ill and then away on holiday. I’ve tried to catch up as best as I could, but having just reached 30k, I think February will just be my dry period this year (fingers crossed that it’s the only one!)
♦ BLOG: To write 4 blog posts
Including today’s post, I managed to write 5 posts by writing once weekly, so I fortunately reached this!
◈ EXERCISE: To keep up twice a week gym sessions and Saturday tai chi with the girls
So far I’ve missed one week where I only went once that week but in my defence, I was ill! I went to tai chi every Saturday morning that I was in London though, so I’m leaning towards three quarters of a tick here…
◈ DIET: Less sugary snacks and batch cook healthy lunches
I definitely failed on the less sugary snacks goal… I’m terrible, I really think I have an addiction, so I’ll have to find a new way to tackle it in March. But I did make healthy, vegetable-filled lunches for work during the week days, so I can half tick this off.
♦ BEAUTY: Receive my Invisalign retainers and start wearing them!
So this is still not done, but there’s not much more I can do about it! I’ve moved forward as quickly as I could my end, but the process isn’t as quick as I’d anticipated, although in all fairness the clinic did give me this as a rough timeline. I have an appointment to pick up my first retainers near the beginning of March! So I’m ticking this because I have genuinely been punctual with this one.
◈ FINANCES: To save at least £400
I was on track for this until I got to Dublin! It’s a lot more expensive than I thought, but it was completely worth it because I had a wonderful time. I still managed to save £250, so I made it halfway at least…
◈ CAREER: To start building a small note-taking app in Ruby, and attend a tech event
While I built a small and simple blogging app in Ruby, it wasn’t a note-taking app like I specified at the beginning of the month! I kind of forgot about that detail. This month I was also interested in a few tech events, but due to being busy, ill and away over February, I wasn’t able to make any.
♦ ORGANISATION: Clear out more clothes and declutter
I picked out a a nice sized suitcase full of clothes and some small trinkets and brought them to a local charity shop last week. It’s so nice having more space in my room!
♦ TRAVEL: Enjoy my trip to Dublin!
I had a lovely trip seeing my boyfriend’s family, and getting to see Dublin for the first time! I also got to spend time playing with his young niece, who is just the sweetest and most gorgeous little girl I’ve ever met.
♦ SKILLS: Complete 3 italian Duolingo modules
I managed to finish 3 modules!
♦ LIFE: Experience 2 new things
I did visit Dublin for the first time, I also received 10 likes on a blog post for the first time ever (it’s the little things!). I also managed a lot of lovely little smiles from a teething baby, which makes me melt when I think about it (she was an absolutely beautiful little thing)!

My score? 8.5/11

Celebrating a little that I managed to tick some of these off, because I definitely didn’t feel as productive as I did in January! Here’s hoping March will feel a little more so!

Feature image photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “February 2018 in Review

  1. Wow, you accomplished so much this month! Especially with the Duo Lingo. That can be so challenging – I tried it years ago but just couldn’t keep up. And I’ve always wanted to visit Dublin, I’ve heard it’s a fascinating city. 😀

    Sneha | lifewithsneha.com


    1. Thank you, although I felt pretty complacent during the first half of the month! Duolingo is great – they’ve changed the app from having 3 strikes per quiz to having as many goes as you need now, which is so much better because I used to give up so easily before. Dublin really is lovely! Considering it’s not a huge city there are a lot things to do and see, and so much history to learn about it. If you find yourself there I’d definitely suggest checking out the Trinity College library and a walk around Phoenix Park 🙂


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