Planning my February Goals

I’ve learnt quite a bit from my January goal review, so I’m hoping the goals I’ve set for February are a little more realistic:

♢ WRITING: To reach 35k words in my writing project
♢ BLOG: To write 4 blog posts
♢ EXERCISE: To keep up twice a week gym sessions and Saturday tai chi with the girls
♢ DIET: Less sugary snacks and batch cook healthy lunches
♢ BEAUTY: Receive my Invisalign retainers and start wearing them!
♢ FINANCES: To save at least £400
♢ CAREER: To start building a small note-taking app in Ruby, and attend a tech event
♢ ORGANISATION: Clear out more clothes and declutter
♢ TRAVEL: Enjoy my trip to Dublin!
♢ SKILLS: Complete 3 italian Duolingo modules
♢ LIFE: Experience 2 new things

I’m hoping I’ll come back to this at the end of the month and have them all ticked off, but I’m already beginning to doubt a couple of them… However, I’ll try my hardest with them. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Planning my February Goals

    1. Thank you Galit! I’ve only managed to make the top part look nice, unfortunately the rest is all scrawly with my untidy handwriting! I’m currently looking on Pinterest for some nice bullet journal inspiration to use in mine so it’s not so messy 😀

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