January in Review

Now we’ve reached the end of January, it’s time I look back and review the goals I set at the start of the month!

I was feeling pretty optimistic about January, and to be honest, I think I’ve made good progress with the goals I set as I made sure to review them almost every day and kept myself on track because of that.

Key: ♦ = done ◈ = half done ♢ = did not do….

♦ WRITING: To reach 25k words in my writing project
I somehow managed to exceed this by 1k words, despite only being at 18k words by the 20th. I also managed to drastically improve my outline as well! I know a larger word count doesn’t mean better writing, but I’m pleased I managed to get my head down and get it done as it’s so easy to get distracted with writing.
♦ EXERCISE: To keep up twice a week gym sessions
I did weekly Tai Chi sessions, except the Saturday I was away, so yay me! I also surprisingly went to the gym twice each week (which I was not expecting myself to achieve at all, as I’ve found getting up in the mornings so difficult since Christmas).
♦ DIET: To make healthy batch meals for the week
I’ve been batch cooking healthy, vegetable-filled soups to bring in to work for lunch each week, and I’ve felt much better for it.
♦ BEAUTY: To start Invisalign treatment
I started this with my first appointment on the 5th, and I should be getting my retainers halfway through Feb, so that’s all the progress I could make on that this month.
♢ FINANCES: To save at least £500
I was wary when I added this, because I knew how much I’d be spending in Iceland (it is not a cheap place!). So while I’ve not reached this, I wasn’t really expecting to. Better luck in February hopefully!
◈ CAREER: To brush up on Ruby, and attend a tech event
I did the minimal amount of Ruby studying, but I’ve managed to remind myself of the syntax, so hopefully I’ll be able to use what I know and actually write a small Ruby program next month. I unfortunately didn’t make it to any tech events however…
♦ ORGANISATION: To take a large bag of clothes and shoes to charity and clear up a clothes drawer’s worth of space!
This is something I did as soon my new year hangover was gone! I had loads of clothes from last summer I knew I wouldn’t wear this year either, so I managed to take them to charity. My room feels a lot clearer, but I’ve still got a lot of clutter floating about, so I might try and clear even more stuff out.
♦ TRAVEL: To have a lovely, safe trip in Iceland (which I cannot wait for!)
I did indeed have a safe, AND wonderful trip, so I’m mentally ticking this one twice!

How did I do? 6.5 / 8

Overall, it’s been a productive month, and I won’t let the fact that I might not have achieved some of my goals deflect from what I have done, and besides it’s still only January! We’ve still got a long way before the end of the year resolution crunch, phew.


3 thoughts on “January in Review

    1. In January I’m always way more motivated to get things done, so I reckon this month will much less productive… Although fingers crossed it won’t be! Well done on making way with your goals in January, it’s so much harder to get motivated towards the end of the month, so I salute you! ❤

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