Iceland in January: Top 4 Places in Reykjavik that do Awesome Hot Chocolate

I know I sound like an old record now, but seriously, Iceland has truly charmed me.

Anyone who knows me well, will know that I love hot chocolate. Love it. Especially on a cold day when you want something hot and tasty to warm you up. So I was nicely surprised to find that Reykjavik really know how to make a good hot chocolate! I bought so many while I was there, and while I hate to think of the calories, I’ve found myself reminiscing over them a lot since I’ve been back.

I also have a worryingly obsessive collection of photos of some of these hot chocolates, so I may as well share them with you and dedicate this post to my four favourite places to get hot chocolate in Reykjavik.

1. Kaffivagninn
This place is located right next to the Maritime Museum, with lovely views of the harbour and the mountains across from Reykjavik on a clear day. This was probably the best hot chocolate I had while I was there: it was so creamy and chocolatey, with a big dollop of whipped cream and chocolate flakes. Absolutely divine!


2. Prikið ehf
This is probably an odd one, as it’s not a cafe but a bar apparently known as the oldest bar in Reykjavik! It came in a glass, and it was creamy and sweet, but not too sickly; we actually came back later that same day for a second one!


3. Stofan Café
This cafe was really cute and cosy, and is pretty central too. We ran into it when it started snowing and ordered ourselves a hot chocolate each, and managed to get a table with a view of the snow coming down on the street outside. The drink itself was lovely, it was light, sweet and very moreish.


4. Frederiksen Ale House
This is a pub that is quite central to Reykjavik. I was expecting it to be a pretty run-of-the-mill hot chocolate from a machine, but I was surprised with this one; the one drawback was that there was no cream on top!


If ever you find yourself in Reykjavik looking for a warm place to sit and have a hot chocolate, I’d recommend going to any of these places! They were all delicious and managed to warm me up nicely before venturing out into the snow.

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